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                   Good Job Cards Style 1                                       Good Job Cards Style 2
                   Fillable Full Size Good Job Award                      District Official Visit Notice (Fillable)
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District Chairmen
District 1 Chief of Staff Erma "Tootsie” Dougherty
District 1 Chief of Staff Oneita Billings
District 1 Chief of Staff Jeanne "JJ” Lemire
District 1 Chief of Staff Reta Butler
District 1 Mentoring Kathie Okolski
District 2 Chief of Staff Sandi Guzman
District 2 Mentoring Renee Fulk
District 3 Chief of Staff Brenda Wardrip
District 3 Mentoring Mary Ryser
District 3 Mentoring Co-Chair Brenda Wardrdip
District 4 Chief of Staff
District 4 Mentoring
District 5 Deputy Chief of Staff (South) Jane Gordon
District 5 Deputy Chief of Staff (North) Cheryl Underhill
District 5 Mentoring Jamie Maxwell
District 6 Chief of Staff Connie Cockrell
District 6 Mentoring Tammy Mead
District 7 Mary Anne Kreutz
District 8 Chief of Staff Inez Clay 530-824-6615
District 8 Mentoring Mina "Tomi" Aul 530-824-1493
District 9 Chief of Staff
District 9 Mentoring
District 10 Helen Steinberg
District 11 Elsie Almer
District 12 Chief of Staff Nancy Scala
District 12 Mentoring Lynette Peavey
District 13 Chief of Staff Sue Wells
District 13 Mentoring
District 14 Chief of Staff Linndell Scarbrough
District 14 Mentoring
District 15 Chief of Staff
District 15 Mentoring
District 16 Sherl Ann Daverio
District 17 Chief of Staff Sharon Hanson
District 17 Mentoring
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