Department Chairman   Oneita Billings – District 1
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National Ambassador Promotion

August 2020 Promotion

July 2020 Blog

National Ambassador LaQuetta McCartor Introductory Letter and
July 2020 Veterans & Family Support Promotion


District Chairmen
Dist 1 Janet Illig Smith
Dist 2 Jeanette Paxton
Dist 3 Lisa Rashley
Dist 4 Romey Hagen
Dist 5 Patty Adams
Dist 6 Connie Cockrell
Dist 7 Mary Yingling
Dist 8 First Last
Dist 9 First Last
Dist 10 First Last
Dist 11 First Last
Dist 12 Elizabeth Williams
Dist 13 Tanya Williams
Dist 14 First Last
Dist 15 First Last
Dist 16 Valerie Diego
Dist 17 First Last

Veterans and Family Support PDF
Reporting Information
Unmet Needs Eligibility 
Unmet Needs Application
Award Entry From (Food Insecurity)
Award Entry Form (Caregivers)