I am excited to begin our year of "Soaring with Service to our Veterans”. I have chosen the Sacramento Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) as my special project for this year.
When I first started as a VFW Claims Consultant by February of 2013, I began to dedicate one day a week to the Veteran Clients at VRC to help them apply for Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits. SVRC have held luncheons for the Veteran residents to show their appreciation for the work and dedication of the VFW Service Department.
Sacramento Veterans Resource Center (SVRC) is a Community-based non-profit focused on the overall wellness and reintegration of military veterans from all eras. Founded in 1972 by a group of Vietnam Veterans and they have 14 resource centers embedded in local communities across California, Arizona and Nevada. They have a primary focus on housing assistance, behavioral health treatment and case management. They take a holistic approach to addressing the individual needs of each Veteran.
I hope you will join with me in giving back to our American Heroes as we support their overall wellness and reintegration.
Robyn Kuznik, Dept. President

Department Chairman  Amanda Smith - District 13