Department Chairman  Joyce Linares – District 17

 Department Co-Chairman Desiree Deville - District 5 

Joyce Linares
Marlene Raffety

Iris Vogt

Rosalind Jenkins

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July 2020 Blog

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National Ambassador Linda Roloff Introductory Letter and
July 2020 Hospital Promotion

District Chairmen
Dist 1 Shirley Shaw
Dist 2 First Last
Dist 3 Barbara Gauthier (951) 452-9933
Dist 4 Christine Blumberg
Dist 5 Desiree Deville
Dist 6 First Last
Dist 7 Karla Hull
Dist 8 First Last
Dist 9 First Last
Dist 10 First Last
Dist 11 Terri Ruiz
Dist 12 First Last
Dist 13 First Last
Dist 14 First Last
Dist 15 First Last
Dist 16 Toni Pozos
Dist 17 First Last

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