Dept. of California
VFW of the United States of America Aux.
This page is for anyone who would like to advise if someone is ill, has passed away, in need of "thinking of you" cards.  Please contact the Dept. Chaplain, Kathy Smith, immediately if you know of someone passing.  
You can view her information on the Dept. Officer Page.

1/14/19 - We have been advised that Past Supreme Commander of the MOC - Rollin Joe Velasquez - is seriously ill.  Please keep Rollin Joe and his family in your thoughts and prayers and send cards to JOE VELASQUEZ, 15738 Sacajawea, Richland, WA  99352.  The Dept. of California VFW Auxiliary offers our thoughts, prayers and love to Rollin Joe and his family.

1/6/19 - We have been advised that granddaughter of PDP DOROTHY FISHER passed away unexpectedly.  Cards of condolence may be sent to Dorothy at 185 Skybrook Lane, Sacramento, CA  95828.  The Dept. of CA VFW Auxiliary offers sincere sympathies on the passing of Dorothy's granddaughter.

1/5/19 - We have been advised that wife of our State Commander (ANNIE)'s brother passed away.  Sympathy cards may be sent to Annie and Lamont Duncan, 2019 Van Wick St., Los Angeles, CA 90047.

1/4/19 - We have been advised that husband of PDP Phyllis White (BILL) is in need of cards.  Please send thinking of you card to Bill and Phyllis White, 32 Faulkner Ct., Ventura, CA 93003.

1/4/19 - We have been advised that EILEEN FALCONER, District 7 President, is recuperating from surgery.  Thinking of you cards can be sent to Eileen at 4212 E. Los Angeles Ave. #4766, Simi Valley, CA 93063

1/4/19 - We have been advised that Katrina Jones (Aux. Treasurer) grandson is in the hospital.  Thinking of you cards may be sent to Katrina and her grandson at 1812 Pelican Ave., Ventura, CA 93003